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  • Deb K. Hamilton

    Deb K. Hamilton

    New writer set on finding my suppressed creative self and still remain a supportive wife, nurturing mom to 3 young men, all while doting on 2 overindulged dogs

  • Kristin Rowan

    Kristin Rowan

    Comedian, stay-at-home mom, author of Paula and Mr. Meanie Pants

  • Noran Azmy

    Noran Azmy

    A software engineer who enjoys writing on a variety of topics including religion, politics, books, and self development.

  • Jocelyn Soriano

    Jocelyn Soriano

    Writer. Poet. Inspirer! Author of Poems of Love and Letting Go… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HQHZNM7

  • Sonia Gilewicz

    Sonia Gilewicz

    Vintage loving, home cooking, feral housewife and mother.

  • Ana Lévy

    Ana Lévy

    Mechanical engineer who wants to help the planet. Vegan & international, living in Montreal. Here are things that matter to me. Je suis française !

  • Nicole Tru•lo

    Nicole Tru•lo

    Professional dreamer, Student & Amateur Philosopher. I share my thoughts on self empowerment, love and give the occasional social commentary.

  • Madinakytlykaeva


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